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General Information

Publishing House

In the Publishing House there are published mainly publications for the University’s own need including:

  • scientific publications - on the results of scientific research (monographs, scientific articles published in scientific research papers, scientific papers published in conference materials)
  • educational publications - supporting the teaching process of the University (books, scripts, auxiliary materials),
  • information publications - promoting University (guides, guides albums)
  • special and commemorative publications.

Scientific Research Papers are issued in 8 series:


The authors of the publications are primarily researchers of Rzeszow University of Technology, as well as the recipients, students, researchers and specialists in various fields of science and industry from Poland. The subjects taken up in the publications corresponds to the areas of science represented by employees of six departments of our University.

All publications issued in the Publishing House are characterized by a high level of editorial and graphic design, which they owe to experienced editorial team.

Our publications are in direct sales and mail order - wholesalers and booksellers are offered discounts.

According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education which implements a policy of open access for publications and research results financed from public funding, the articles in our journals are available based upon an Open Access principle - CC BY-NC-C 3.0 GB.
Information about open access for publications and a date of availability of the publication in an open access is provided with individual issues of the journals.