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JMA 39 Eng

JMA 39 (2016)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 39

The final version published: date of availability at the moment of publishing  30 December 2016 (Open Access CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL).

Table of contents

  1. S. Abbas, M. Benchohra, M. A. Darwish: Some New Existence Results and Stability Concepts for Fractional Partial Random Differential Equations
  2. M. Benchohra, J. Henderson, I. Medjadj: Measure of Noncompactness and Neutral Functional Differential Equations with State-Dependent Delay
  3. V. U. Ekhosuehi: On the Evolution of Academic Staff Structure in a University Setting
  4. O. Engel, Y. L. Chung: About a Class of Analytic Functions Defined by Noor-Sălăgean Integral Operator
  5. V. K. Jain: A Refinement of Schwarz’s Lemma and Its Applications
  6. H. Mamghaderi, H. P. Masiha: Some Fixed Point Theorems for G-Nonexpansive Mappings on Ultrametric Spaces and Non-Archimedean Normed Spaces with a Graph
  7. A. Mohammadpouri, F. Pashaie: On some Lr-biharmonic Euclidean Hypersurfaces


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