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JMA 36 Eng

JMA 36 (2013)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 36

Table of contents

  1. M.W. Alomari: A Companion of the generalized trapezoid inequality and applications 
  2. M.K. Aouf, A.O. Mostafa, A.M. Shahin, S.M. Madian: Preserving subordination and superordination results of generalized Srivastava-Attiya operator  
  3. N.K. Ashirbayev, J.N. Ashirbayeva: Influence of boundary conditions on 2D wave propagation in a rectangle 
  4. A. Dadej, K. Halik: On duality between order and algebraic structures in Boolean systems
  5. A. Ebadian, J. Sokół: New univalence criterions for special general integral opera-tors
  6. P. Goyal, S.K. Bansal, P. Goswami, Zhi-Gang Wang: Convolution properties of subclasses of analytic functions associated with the Dziok-Srivastava operator 
  7. J.M. Mustafa: Supra b-compact and supra b-Lindelöf spaces 
  8. S.K. Sharma: Some new generalized classes of difference sequences of fuzzy numbers defined by a sequence of Orlicz functions
  9. N. Subramanian, U.K. Misra: On a study of double Gai sequence space
  10. C. Tunç: Instability to differential equations of fourth order with a variable deviating argument
  11. C. Tunç: Instability to nonlinear vector differential equations of fifth order with constant delay