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JMA 30 (2008)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 30

M. K. Aouf: Certain classes of multivalent functions ith negative, coefficients defined by using a differential operator

M. K. Aouf, J. Dziok: Certain class of analytic unctions associated with the wright generalized Hypergeometric function

J. Banaś, D. O'Regan: Fixed point theory for Volterra Kakutani Monch maps

I. Dragomirescu, A. Georgescu: Application of two pectral methods to a problem of convection with uniform nternal heat source 

J. Dziok, J. Stankiewicz: Classes of functions efined by subordination

V. A. Khan: On a new sequence space related to the rlicz sequence space

M. Kijewska: Domatic number of graph products

Dr. S.Latha, N. Poornima: On certain properties of eighborhoods of analytic functions of complex order

Dr. S. Latha, D. S. Raju: Some criteria on integral means for certain classes of functions with negative coefficients

G. Murugusundaramoorthy, A. R. S. Juma, S. R. Kulkarni: Convolution properties of univalent functions defined by  generalized Salagean Operator

G. Murugusundaramoorthy, K. Vijaya, M. K. Auof: A class of harmonic starlike functions with respect to other points defined by Dziok-Srivastava operator

K. Piejko, L. Trojnar-Spelina: Remarks on the certain subclass of univalent functions

J. Sokół: On an application of certain ufficient condition for starlikeness

X. Qin, Y. Su: Strict pseud-contraction strong convergence theorems for strict pseud-contractions

A. J. Zaslavski: Stability of solutions for a class of convex minimization problems on reflexive Banach spaces

T. Zeng, C-Y Gao, Z-G Wang, R. Aghalary: Certain subclass of multivalent functions involving the Cho-Kwon-Srivastava operator

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