Strona: MMR-21-02 / Publishing House


MMR, vol. XIX, 21 (2/2014), April-June 2014

(p-ISSN 2300-6366), (e-ISSN 2353-0758)


Table of Content

Maciej Chrzanowski, Sylwia Dziedzic: Crowdfunding as a new way of financing innovative projects 

Paweł Dziekański: The tourism competitiveness of the Świętokrzyskie region (selected issues)

Aleksandra Grobelna, Arkadiusz Mazurkiewicz: Motivation and creativity of human resources in hospitality industry. Analyse of the case study of the selected hotel in Tricity destination

Marcin Konrad Jurgilewicz, Oktawia Jurgilewicz, Michał Ura: Some remarks on the importance of the concept of public administration

Adriana Kaszuba-Perz: Selected factors influencing the propensity of companies to apply management accounting tools in the next stages of their development

Tadeusz Olejarz: Civil defense in defense system of the country 

Andrzej Pacana, Andrzej Gazda, Paulina Wołoszyn: Use of the 5S method for improvement of the logistics processes

Piotr Pazowski: Economic aspects of cloud computing implementation 

Agnieszka Siedlecka, Jarosław Żbikowski, Agnieszka Smarzewska, Marian Stelmach: A disabled person as an active participant in the labour market

Agnieszka Skala: A new method for the identyfication of high-technology companies on the example of Warsaw

Celina Sołek-Borowska: From coopetition to 3C model – theoretical aspect

Mirosław Sołtysiak: Managers in risk management process

Jacek Strojny: Organizational and procedural determinations of project management in a unit of local government 

Bogdan Wójtowicz, Piotr Paweł Nogal, Tomasz Nalepa: Current problems and administrative activities in the sphere of function and improvement process of defence industry in Poland

Dominik Zimon, Dušan Malindžák, Karolina Kolbusz: Impact of implementing 5S rules for improving warehouse processes in the selected organization