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Humanities and Social Sciences

HSS, vol. XXI, 23 (1/2016), January-March 2016

(p-ISSN 2300-5327), (e-ISSN 2300-9918)

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Table of content

Katarzyna Chudy – Laskowska: Voivodships delimitation due to transport infrastructure and quality of surface
Aleksandr Gugnin: Dilemmas power politics: utilitarianism or opportunism?  
Mariusz Hamulczuk: Energy prices vs agri-food prices – energy security and food security  
Anna Kosińska: Effects and consequences of accession of the republic of Croatia to the European Union
Marcin Łoś, Rafał Biały, Piotr Janusz, Adam Szurlej: The influence of the national gas infrastructure development on Polish energy security
Ireneusz Nowak, Adriana Nowak: Tobacco smoking ban - selected legal and social aspects
Stanisław J. Rysz: World Youth Day 2016 – hazard analysis and evaluation of risks of transportation. study on the example of days in dioceses in podkarpackie region
Joanna Kazimiera Skulska: Douglas Walton's theory for argumentation applicable to the test of political communication
Mirosław Śmieszek, Magdalena Dobrzańska, Paweł Dobrzański: Analysis of changes in public transport of the European Union on the example of selected cities
Krzysztof Surowiec, Aleksander Razin: The assumptions of geopolitics and its implementation in Russia Ivan IV the terrible in the years 1547.1584. Part I
Aleksandra Szubart, Barbara Fura: Effects of ISO 14001 environmental management system in enterprises in the light of research results
Tamara Tkach: Neuroeconomics in decision making theory
Justyna Trubalska: Trans-European energy infrastructure projects. The case of the north-south gas corridor
Tomasz Wicha: The evaluation of the international affairs of the Russian Federation by Law and Justice party
Magdalena Żardecka – Nowak: The rightness of principles as the concept of the good