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JMA 35 Eng

JMA 35 (2012) 
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 35

Y. Bezhuashvili, R. Rukhadze: The Fourier method in three-dimensional dynamical problems of the hemitropic theory of elasticity 

S. Ghorbani: The reticulation of residuated lattices induced by fuzzy prime spectrum 

E. Jabłońska: Remarks concerning the pexiderized Gołąb-Schinzel functional equation 

H. Leiva, N. Merentes, J.L. Sanchez: Controllability of the Semilinear Benjamin-Bona-Mahony Ecquation 

K. Raghavendar, A. Swaminathan: Close-to-convexity properties of basic hypergeometric functions using their Taylor coefficients 

K. Raj, A. Gupta: Multiplier sequence spaces of fuzzy numbers defined by a Musielak-Orlicz function 

A. A. Shokri, A. Shokri: Maximal ideal space of certain $\alpha$-Lipschitz operator algebras 

G. Stoica: Complete convergence under special hypotheses 

A. Włoch, I. Włoch: On parameters of independence, domination and irredundance in edge-coloured graphs and their products