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Humanities and Social Sciences
HSS, vol. XXIII, 25 (1/2018), January-March 2018
(p-ISSN 2300-5327), (e-ISSN 2300-9918)

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Table of content

Bogusław Bembenek, Marzena Frankowska, Katarzyna Kowalska: Internationalization through networks – strategic challenge for cluster facilitator
Александр Гугнин: The gnoseological justification of the use of the "market" cathegory in the sphere of policy of a trans-estate society
Łukasz Jureńczyk: The People's Republic of China towards the iranian nuclear program after the cold war
Paweł Korzeniowski: British air forces in the Dardanela region in 1915
Elżbieta Kosior: Freedom of creativity and the allegation of auto plagiarism in a scientific work
Paweł Kuca: Media in the project of the Fourth Republic of Poland. Program assumptions and political practice
Grzegorz Ostasz, Tadeusz Olejarz: Rzeszów garrison of the Home Army in the plans to restore the armed forces
Ryszard Pukała, Nataliya Vnukova: Analysis of insurance development trends in European countries
Krzysztof Rejman, Grzegorz Błażejewski: Globalisation of culture – the reflections about the quality of life of the disabled people
Hanna Sommer, Hubert Sommer, Grzegorz Zakrzewski: Rating of chosen habitation factors affecting people’s comfort level while visiting large shopping centres
Justyna Stecko: Homo sacer – ethical problems with multiculturalism
Anna Szeliga-Duchnowska, Bolesław Goranczewski: Situational leadership and organisational citizenship behaviour
Krystyna Trembicka: “About devouring its own children” on the example of the activities of communist parties in poland in the 20th century
Andrzej Piotr Wiatrak: Regional smart specialisations in agribusiness
Bogdan Wierzbiński: Adaptation capabilities of enterprises in the network as intangible capital in the competition process
Tadeusz Zieliński: Dilemmas of utilization of lethal autonomous weapon systems as regard to basic principles of international humanitarian law