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Humanities and Social Sciences
HSS, vol. XXIII, 25 (3/2018), July-September 2018
(p-ISSN 2300-5327), (e-ISSN 2300-9918)

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Table of content

Anna Sylwia Czyż: Memories of predecessors and disputes with the chapter, or the activity of bishop Mikalojus Steponas Pacas on behalf of the treasury in vilnius cathedral
Radosław Domke: Ecology and environmental protection in communist Poland – myths and reality  
Marcin Gębarowski: Symbolism of national pavilions at world expositions 1
Paweł Grata: Financial problems in the activity of the Regency Council (1917-1918)  
Anna Hanus, Dorota Kaczmarek: From a monomodal recipe to a multimodal offer. A textological and mediolinguistic approach
Krzysztof Jaworski: Do Numbers Exist? Reconstruction of the Dispute over the Existence of Mathematical Objects  
Adriana Kaszuba-Perz, Marta Czyżewska: Challenges and changes in creating business models by polish entrepreneurs and growth processes of small and medium enterprises  
Dariusz Kłak, Anna Strawa: Determinants of motivation of organisation human capital in the light of empirical research  
Aneta Krzewińska: Innovations in the social research  
Adam Kucharski, Justyna Kuświk: Attitudes towards migration expressed by poles living in the east and west borderlands – psychological and contextual factors  
Małgorzata Lechwar, Grzegorz Wisz: Clusters in the modernization and development processes of industrial areas – COP example  
Katarzyna Kurzępa-Dedo, Agata Gemzik-Salwach: Anti-usury protection and changes on the market of lending institutions – selected issues (part 2)  
Renata Marks-Bielska, Joanna Kozajda: Management of the budget of the municipality in the context of the functioning of the local economy  
Radosław Murkowski: Methods for measuring the progression of demographic aging  
Agnieszka Napiórkowska-Baryła, Mirosława Witkowska-Dąbrowska: Consumer expenditure on housing versus due rent and housing bills in household budgets  
Leszek Pawlikowicz, Krzysztof Surowiec: The increase in the importance of military participation of the baltic states and Poland within NATO after the ukrainian crisis  
Ryszard Pukała: Impact of macroeconomic factors on the life insurance market in the visegrad countries  
Elżbieta Rączy: Znaczenie dokumentacji sądowej w badaniach nad stosunkami polsko-żydowskimi w czasie II wojny światowej na przykładzie regionu podkarpackiego  
Elżbieta Roszko-Wójtowicz: Processes of population ageing and economic activity of the elderly in the European Union based on the example of Poland and Sweden  
Tomasz Rożek: The international festivals of Polish children folk ensembles  
Mirosław Sołtysiak: Perception of financial exclusion phenomenon by representatives of generation X in the light of empirical research  
Hanna Sommer, Grzegorz Zakrzewski: Management in departments connected with state defense according to the opinions of security students  
Justyna Stecko: Subjectivity of animals and their moral status – historical aspect  
Marta S. Stempień: Management of savagery. The crimes committed by the Islamic State  
Krzysztof A. Tochman: From loftiness to treachery. The case of captain Józef Śmiech (1915–1982) a secret agent of the security service  
Marek Urbanik: Family and its impact on children's education  
Tomasz Wicha: The attitude of Law and Justice party towards the cooperation of Germany and Russia
Tadeusz Olejarz: Review of the book "The phenomenon of genocide in the XX and XXI centuries", ed. Mira Malczyńska-Biały, Grzegorz Pawlikowski, Krzysztof Żarna, Publisher. University of Rzeszów, Rzeszów 2016