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JMA 37 Eng

JMA 37 (2014)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 37

Table of contents

  1. M.K. Aouf, R.M. El-Ashwah, J.Dziok, J. Stankiewicz: Partial sums of a certain harmonic univalent meromorphic functions
  2. R. Borzooei, A. Borumand Saeid, R. Ameri, A. Rezaei: Involutory BE–algebras
  3. M. K. Dubey, R. Anuradha: On Generalised Quasi-ideals and Bi-ideals in Ternary Semigroups
  4. J. Górowski, J.Zabowski: Remarkable identities
  5. V.K. Jain: On the zeros of an analytic function
  6. L. Koczan, P. Zaprawa: On circularly symmetric functions
  7. Z. Latreuch, B. Bela¨ıdi: Properties of higher order differential polynomials generated by solutions of complex differential equations in the unit disc
  8. L. Rybarska-Rusinek, D. Jaworski, A. Linkov: On efficient evaluation of integrals entering boundary equations of 3D potential and elasticity theory
  9. T. M. Seoudy, M. K. Aouf: On differential sandwich theorems of analytic functions defined by certain generalized linear operator
  10. P. Sharma, R. K. Maurya: Certain subordination results on the convolution of analytic functions 
  11. A. Zireh, S. A. Hosseini: Some inequalities for the polar derivative of a polynomial with restricted zeros