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JMA 33 Eng

JMA 33 (2010)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 33

A. Catas: On a starlikeness of order $\alpha $ condition formeromorphic m-valent functions

J. Dziok, A. Szpila: Generalized classes of uniformly convex functions

A. M. A. El-Sayed, Sh. M. Al-Issa: Monotonic continuous solution for a mixed type integral inclusion of fractional order 

T. Ereu, N. Merentes, B. Rzepka, J. L. Sanchez: On composition operator in the algebra of functions of two variables with bounded total $\Phi$-variation in Schramm sense 

H. Leiva, N. Merentes, J. Sanchez: Interior controllability of the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation

A. Leśniewski: The Demyanov metric and measurable multifunctions 

A. A. Lupas: Certain differential ubordinations using a generalized Salagean operator and Ruscheweyh perator

P. Maheshwari, D. Sharma: Rate of convergence for certain mixed family of linear positive operators

L. Navaei: Multiple hypotheses optimal testing for Markov chains and identification subject to the reliability criterion

N. Palaniappan, P.S.Veerappan,  M.Ramachandran: On intuitionistic fuzzy ideals in $\Gamma$-rings

T. V. Sudharsan, R. Thirumalaisamy,  S. Sivasubramanian, K. G. Subramanian: A new class of analytic functions based on Ruscheweyh derivative

V. A. Trenogin, A-V. Ion: New results in the stability study of non-autonomous evolution equations in Banach spaces