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MMR, vol. XXI, 23 (1/2016), January-March 2016

(p-ISSN 2300-6366), (e-ISSN 2353-0758)

Ostateczna wersja opublikowana – data opublikowania: 30.06.2016
data udostępnienia: 29.09.2016
Open Access CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL



Ольга Антонова, Виктория Климович, Елена Самбук: Tools of citizens' impact on the development of public service in Ukraine.
Виталий Баштанник, Татьяна Стадниченко: Transformation of administrative governance in the context of current management principles
Светлана Савчук: Supporting spatial visibility on roads
Luibov Chernova: Minorities in Ukraine: motivation and forms of participation in the activity of national-cultural organizations
Jacek Gad: Management board’s report on the activities as a tool of corporate governance: the perspective of capital providers, supervisory boards, and other stakeholders
Kazimierz Nagody-Mrozowicz, Dariusz Kłak, Piotr Halemba: Motives and attitudes of health care workers in the light of research
Kamila Peszko: Visual image in outdoor advertising as a way of reaching a potential customer
Monika Piątkowska, Sylwia Gocłowska: Sport consumption among women vs. Brand recognition of official sponsors during UEFA EURO 2012
Izabella Sowier-Kasprzyk, Adam Ujma: Product placement ‒ city placement as a form of urban space promotion
Mariusz Woźniakowski: Internet media in marketing communication of Polish companies
Jozef Žigray: Central national security commission of the communist party of China