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JCEEA, t. XXXV, z. 65 (3/18), July-September 2018
(p-ISSN 2300-5130), (e-ISSN 2300-8903)

Final publishing version-access date at the moment of publishing
Publishing date - 30.09.2018
Access date - 30.09.2018
Open Access CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL

Table of contents

Roman KADAJ:  Transformations between the Height Reference Frames: Kronsztadt'60, PL-KRON86-NH, PL-EVRF2007-NH
Tetiana KROPYVNYTSKA, Myroslav SANYTSKY, Iryna GEVIUK:  Properties of Portland-Composite Cements with Zeolite Tuff
Jarosław TATARCZAK, Jarosław SIKORA:  The Use of Thermionic Emission Phenomenon as Support for Renewable Energy Sources
Olena MITRYASOVA, Nataliya BOGATEL, Piotr KOSZELNIK, Renata GRUCA-ROKOSZ:  Wastewater Control System as an Aspect of Environmental Assessment of Industrial Enterprise’s Activity
Viola HOSPODAROVA, Nadezda STEVULOVA, Vojtech VACLAVIK, Tomas DVORSKY:  Properties of Composites Incorporating Cellulosic Fibers
Kamil RÓŻYCKI:  The Influence of Heat Source Location on Surface Temperature Distribution of the Indoor Side of External Walls in an Uninsulated Apartment in Warsaw during the Heating Season
Justyna ORWAT:  Comparison Analysis of the Theoretical and Forecasted Values of Mining Terrain Curvatures with Reference to their Values Caused by Multi-Deposit Exploitation Conducted at the Great Depth
Sergiy SOLODKYY,  Iurii SIDUN, Oleksiy VOLLIS: Acids in bitumen emulsions
Rafał GRZEJDA:  Comparative Analysis of Selected Methods for Seating of Machines Using Foundation Bolted Joints
Paweł TWORZEWSKI, Kamil BACHARZ, Dorota MICHAŁOWSKA-MAZIEJUK:  Anchorage Systems in FRP – Strengthened Reinforced Concrete
Wojciech ECKERT:  Modernist Party House in Zielona Góra. Architecture to Be Discovered
Slávka HARABINOVÁ, Eva PANULINOVÁ, Eva KORMANÍKOVÁ, Kamila KOTRASOVÁ:  Analysis of Slope Stability Using Conventional Methods
Artur BOROWIEC, Leonard ZIEMIAŃSKI:  Numerical Verification of Damage Localization Method Based on Moving Mass in Truss Structures