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Humanities and Social Sciences
HSS, vol. XXI, 23 (3/2016), July-September 2016

(p-ISSN 2300-5327), (e-ISSN 2300-9918)

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Table of content

Agnieszka Cholewa-Wójcik: Verification of the possibility of use nonparametric test of independence perception for analysis of selected elements of visual communication package  
Anna Delekta, Justyna Stecko:
Social and economic conditions of tourism activity of students in Krakow  
Andrzej Gazda, Gabriela Popek:
Location factors of logistics center in Chinese market with an application of PESTE method  
Barbora Gontkovičová, Emília Duľová-Spišáková, Lucia Bednárová:
The non-financial employee benefits in practice of enterprises in Slovakia 
Natalia Iwaszczuk, Zhanna Poplavska, Irina Kavalets:
Adaptive control method of unstable dynamics in a two-element system with the competition in the duopoly case  
Galina Kundieva:
Ensuring food safety -healthy nation
Grzegorz Lew:
Integration of customer cost accounting with selected management accounting methods  
Agnieszka Napiórkowska-Baryła, Mirosława Witkowska-Dąbrowska, Ilisio Manuel de Jesus:
Housing situation in Poland during 2007-2013 in the context of demographic change  
Tadeusz Olejarz, Fryderyk Czekaj:
Rules of completing forces from ancient to XIX century – overview  
Paweł Perz, Adriana Kaszuba-Perz:
Selected factors influencing the process of succession in family firms  
Katarzyna Pietrucha-Urbanik, AnnaTrojnar:
Quality assessment of services provided by water company  
Alexander Razin:
Moral motives in the structure of management activities
Andrzej Sołtys:
Reconstruction of the universal concept of analogy in the philosophy of St. Thomas  
Mirosław Sołtysiak:
Perception of risk by young people
Hanna Sommer:
Is it a fall of media culture  
Krzysztof Surowiec:
Reinforcement of the Russian Federation and the participation of Russian companies in the global arms trade  
Krystyna Trembicka:
Against the truth – political image of Wojciech Jaruzelski in the Third Polish Republic  
Paweł Walawender:
Unemployed people aged 50 and older in the statistics of employment offices of the Podkarpackie Province 
Beata Zatwarnicka-Madura:
Online marketing communication directed to women in the car market