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JMA 43 Eng

JMA 43 (2020)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 43

The final version published: date of availability at the moment of publishing  8 December 2020 (Open Access CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL).

Table of contents

  1. V.A. Amenaghawon, V.U. Ekhosuehi, A.A. Osagiede: On the Alternative Structures for a Three-Grade Markov Manpower System
  2. T. Biswas: Relative Order and Relative Type Oriented Growth Properties of Generalized Iterated Entire Functions
  3. İ. Dal, Ö.F. Temizer: Solvability of a Quadratic Integral Equation of Fredholm Type Via a Modified Argument
  4. A.M.A. EL-Sayed, H.R. Ebead: On the Existence of Continuous Positive Monotonic Solutions of a Self-Reference Quadratic Integral Equation
  5. V.K. Jain: Inequality for Polynomials with Prescribed Zeros
  6. F. Martínez, J.E. Valdés Nápoles: Towards a Non-conformable Fractional Calculus of n-Variables
  7. T. Nabil: On Nonlinear Fractional Neutral Differential Equation with the ψ-Caputo Fractional Derivative
  8. A. Polański: Boolean Algebra of One-Point Local Compactifications
  9. V. Romanuke: Finite Approximation of Continuous Noncooperative Two-person Games on a Product of Linear Strategy Functional Spaces
  10. M.J.S. Sahir: Analogy of Classical and Dynamic Inequalities Merging on Time Scales

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