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JMA 32 (2010)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 32

W. Aziz, H. Leiva, N. Merentes, J. L. Sanchez: Functions of two variables with bounded $\varphi-$variation in the sense of Riesz 

Urszula Bednarz, Janusz Sokół: On T-neighborhoods of analytic functions 

K. K. Dixit, S. Porwal: Convolution of the subclass of Salagean-type harmonic univalent functions with negative coefficients

J. Dziok, J. Ohriska: Applications of a first order differential subordination for analytic functions 

Jarosław Kapeluszny: Some remarks on a fixed point property for multivalued mapping 

Sh. Khosravianarab, S. R. Kulkarni, R. K. Raina: On a certain class of analytic functions involving hypergeometric functions 

Samit Kumar Majumder, Sujit Kumar Sardar: On cartesian product of fuzzy prime and fuzzy semiprime ideals of semigroups 

S. Mokhtari, A. Kordi, A. Moussavi, A. Ahmadi: On LI-ideals of lattice implication algebras

A.Provotar, L.Katerynych: Homeopath: Diagnostic information system

Roxana Sendructiu: On certain functions with positive real part

D. Tsedenbayar, D. Batnasan, L. Hadhuu: An interpolation of polynomials with application to some Volterra operator pencils

K. Wilczek: The harmonic center of a trilateral and the Apollonius point of a triangle

A. Yousefian Darani: Notes on the ideal-based zero-divisor graph

P. Zaprawa: On coefficients' estimates of concave univalent functions (full text)

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