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JMA 34 Eng

JMA 34 (2011)
Journal of Mathmatics and Appllications No 34

A. Dadej and K. Halik: Properties of differences in B-rings

F. I. Dragomirescu and B. Caruntu, and R. M. Georgescu: Local dynamics in a Leslie-Gower system model

B.A. Frasin, M. Darus and T. Al-Hawary: Coefficient inequalities for certain classes of analytic functions associated with the Wright generalized hypergeometric function

A. R. S. Juma: On meromorphic multivalent functions defined with the use of linear operator

V. A. Khan and S. Tabassum: On some new quasi almost $\Delta^m$-lacunary strongly P-convergent double equences efined by Orlicz functions

A. Kumar and P. Singh: Ranking of generalized fuzzy numbers with generalized fuzzy simplex algorithm

H.S. Parihar and Ritu Agarwal: Application of generalized Ruscheweyh derivatives on p-valent functions

D. Ruaducanu and H. Orhan and E. Deniz: Inclusion relationship and Fekete-Szego like inequalities for a subclass of meromorphic functions 

G. S. Srivastava and A. Sharma: Spaces of entire functions represented by vector valued Dirichlet series

L. Trojnar-Spelina: Subclasses of univalent functions related with circular domains

B. Tylutki and M. Wesołowska: Some model of stochastic prediction 

K. Wilczek: On quasiconformal extensions of an authomorphism of the real axis II 

A. J. Zaslavski: Structure of approximate solutions for a class of optimal control systems