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PhyEco 1 (1/2017)

Physics for Economy,  vol. 1, no. 1, 2017
(p-ISSN 2544-7742), (e-ISSN 2544-7750)

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(Open Access CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL)

Table of contents

Henryka CZYŻ, Tadeusz JASIŃSKI: Physics in medicine and economy of contemporary society
Paulina KALAMARZ, Magdalena ZAGROBELNA, Leszek PYZIAK: Focusing ultrasounds beam
Marzena MALICKA, Mateusz MALICKI: Measurement of the intensity of the electric field of the radio wave emitted by selected mobile phones
Jan A. MAMCZUR: A proof of non-existence of self-imaging phenomenon in incoherent case
Aleksander SOKOŁOWSKI, Tomasz. WIĘCEK: A new algorithm for testing the properties of nonwoven fabrics
Feliks STACHOWICZ, Marta WÓJCIK: Ecological and economical benefits from sewage sludge hygienisation with the use of lime in a medium-size treatment plant